I Got Guns! 
In this Commedia dell 'Arte production we are using the demons of the past to tell the stories of today.  An irreverent comedy, I Got Guns, is a satirical commentary on guns, and politics.

Whether you are a liberal, conservative, Democrat, Republican, gun lover or gun hater you will find something to laugh about in, I Got Guns. This comedy pokes fun at people and politics on the extreme ends of liberalism, conservatism and gun policies in the United States. Told through the lens of Commedia dell’ Arte, this show is filled with outrageous humor, original music, physical comedy, and best of all-- true love!
This play was performed at the 2016 San Diego Internation Fringe Fesival where it received awards for Outstanding Direction and Best Actor in a Comedy. It was revived in 2019 and performed by college students of LBCC. This particular 2019 production was invited to perform at the Kennedy Center/American College Theatre Festival Region 7 conference.

Sanctuary Stage's "I Got Guns" relies on the tropes and tradition of Italy's broad commedia dell'arte to deliver a political message about guns in America. The acting comedy displays boundless energy and crisp comic timing as well as some clever writing.           - KPBS San Diego
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